A Chat with MY DISCO

With My DISCO’s latest release ‘Environment’ hitting our ears only a few days ago, as well as their current tour ripping through Australia, we chatted with guitarist Ben Andrews prior to their gig at Rock Rover on Saturday March 9, to capture some insight on their new tunes, as well as what they hope to see from those attending their first gig in Perth since 2016.

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Welcome back to the West Coast! It’s been a little while since MY DISCO have made an appearance as you’ve been taking the international stage by storm. What’s it like being back on the Aussie circuit?

We love playing here, especially in Melbourne which is our home. We have not toured in two years as we have been writing and recording the new album so it feels very satisfying to play again and interpret the new material in a live setting.

I’ve read that your newest Album ‘Environment’ was recorded in Berlin. Was it just the surroundings that assisted in creating the dark timbre surrounding the album or has there been more influences since 2015’s ‘Severe’?

We wanted to record somewhere isolated and somewhere far away from the distractions of life so as to assist us in full immersion into our music. Berlin was chosen because we got in touch with Boris Wilsdorf who owns Andersbaustelle Studios and he expressed interest in our music. Winter time in Eastern Europe can be quite claustrophobic and I personally enjoyed the experience of working day and night on our album with little to no distractions from the outside World.

In terms of influences on this record, we all were listening to a long list of dark ambient, noise and avantguard composers including but not limited to Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, John Carpenter, Paysage D’Hiver, Bladerunner 2049, Johann Johannsson, Lustmord and of course Einsturzende Neubauten.

Since the bands inception in 2003, where do you feel as though the band has matured over the past 16 years, and where does the band see themselves, and the Aussie music scene in 16 years from now?

MY DISCO has always had an unspoken goal to continually progress musically from release to release. Maturity occurs with age in everything, but I see our music as a constant evolution in sound that has progressed from our DIY punk roots into something much more soundscape orientated today. 16 years from now? I prefer to deal with the present.

What is MY DISCO’s views on the N.S.W’s Governments ‘War on Festivals’, and the Don’t Kill Live Music rally held in Sydney’s Hyde Park on Feb 21?

Our good friends Quincy and Helen Mclean were heavily involved in that rally, and of course we support any and all efforts to help preserve the culture and industry of independent live music in this Country. NSW has had a history of conservative and blind sighted views on the live music scene and entertainment in general, and putting stringent laws in place that makelarge scale festivals harder to continue taking place is obviously having a very negative impact on the Australian music scene.”

What does the band believe will help change the negative views held towards music festivals in N.S.W?

Education about the culture of live music and the knowledge that heavy police presence and zero tolerance towards drug use causes more problems than it fixes.

You played in your home town of Melbourne on Saturday, how much has the scene changed since your start?

Melbourne will always have an amazing live music scene. We started playing music together almost 20 years ago in this city and have of course seen many venues come and go for better or for worse. Some people have seen us live throughout our whole career, which is an feeling to see the same faces year in year out at our shows. The scene may be ever changing but Melbourne will always be a supportive and creative hub as long as we keep producing incredible bands and musicians.

How has your tour been so far, and what are you hoping to see out of the punters at Rock Rover on Saturday?

3 our of 3 so far! Very much looking forward to playing in Freo again, especially at a venue we are unfamiliar with. I love the band Erasers so watching them plus having a dip in the Indian Ocean are all I can ask for.

MY DISCO are taking over ROCK ROVER on Saturday March 9, supported by KOLLAPS (VIC), Injured Ninja, Nerve Quakes, Skullcave, and Erasers. Doors 7:00pm. Tickets $24.50 available

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