Eating In With Airline Food

Local 5 piece Airline Food just launched their new EP "Fragments in Green" at Rosemount Hotel. Cool Perth Nights had a little exchange with them about (actual) airline food, safer venues and the recording process.  

1. What in flight meal best represents your band?

A good shepherds pie or Pringles 

2. Can you share a photo with us of you having a Cool Perth Night?

airline food.jpeg

3. What was it like recording in Brod’s fancy new studio (Tunafish Recording)?

We actually recorded it ourselves with Jack Seah's studio but Brod mastered the single for us and he was a legend (and very keen to check out his studio).

4. How important is it to make venues safe around WA?

It is very Important that our venues are safe because no body wants to feel intimidated but feel comfortable on a night out. 

There has been more light shed on this issue recently and we hope to do the best we can to ensure and promote a safe environment. 

5. Can you give a 3 word description of each band supporting you on March 24th at the Rosemount?

SPACEY JANE Good Vibe Farmers
NOAH DILLON (pictured below) Really good, but...
MAL DE MER hip awesome sounds
& AH TREES  cool. smart. real


6. Why is your EP called “Fragments of Green”?

Well we setup all our gear up at Jack Seah's Grandad's shed for a while, which is this old soundproofed music room he used to use back in the day to jam in. We wrote and recorded all the music there and we had heaps of random ideas which often were very unrealised. The EP is a small few of those which were developed into somewhat of an end. There is also a lot of greenery that hangs by the windows of the room and sometimes it felt as though you were surrounded by green, which is kind of lame but we thought it worked haha. 


Airline Food play Mojos Bar Fremantle on April 5, 2018. Also featuring Jeremy Segue (of Segue Safari), Fraeya, Kat Wilson (Duo), Airline Food, Fox Scully. Doors at 8pm from $5. Event link here:

Andrew Ryan