Shedhead Let Us Inside Their Head(s)

Taking influence from The Smith Street Band and Violent Soho, Shedhead a local band of rock n rollers. Their new single Awkward is about to be released at YMCA HQ, so CPN had a chat with them about it!


1. Hello Shedhead. Tell us about your new single, 'Awkward Smile'

Awkward Smile is one of shedhead's first ever songs we all wrote! It's written about a house party.

2. How/when/where did you write and record it?

We wrote it nearly a year and a half ago, it was originally another song that Alex had done but then we all took 

a look at it and changed it up a bunch, as for recording we did that all at our mate Harrison's house (from JAG), Alex then mixed and mastered it.

3. What's the most exciting piece of music you've discovered in the last month?

Either Space Jane or the aristocrats which is a band that Gus has been getting into recently

4. Band member Agustin De la Fuente has been described as "the lead guitarist with the good hair". Tell us, how does he keep his hair so good?

Shower once a day with regular shampoo!

5. What can we expect from Shedhead over the rest of 2018?

Maybe some more music? You'll have to keep an eye out ;)



Catch Shedhead w/ General Waste, Boxset Boyfriend, JAG & Homebrand on Friday June 1 at YMCA HQ, Leederville. $10 from 6pm


Andrew Ryan