Picking the Brain of Carla Geneve

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There are very few regular gig goers who aren’t familiar with the musical stylings of Carla Geneve and her talented band of musos. Last year we saw her emerge as the winner of Cool Perth Nights Mojo Rising, and her impressive song-writing abilities, down to earth stage presence, and ability to twang that guitar in the most aurally pleasing of ways have secured her position within the music community.

Having just announced the long-awaited release of her debut single Greg’s Discount Chemist, and soon to share the stage the stage with Jen Cloher – it seems a perfect time to delve into this artists musical influences, pre-show rituals and what keeps that brain of hers ticking. Maggie sat down with Carla to pick her brain.

How does Jen Cloher’s music make you feel?

Excited! I get excited when I listen to her music because it makes me think about how much I like music. But also I just admire her and the longevity of her career, and the way that she is just doing it because she wants to do it. That’s so sick. She’s got a really rock and roll feel.

Do you think you’ll be star struck when you meet her?

I hope not! I have a bit of a tendency to do that. I really hope I wont embarrass myself.

Did listening to her music change you music?

When you listen to a lot of an artist you absorb them a little bit and take a bit of them on.  I like her lyrics. They affected me a lot because they are so…I had already written “pedestrian” honest stuff – she kind of centered that for me. Before I felt it was silly.

Why did you feel it was silly?

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I don’t know! Maybe that’s not the best way to explain it.  

You were unsure about it?

When you write a story about walking down the street you wonder, does anyone really care about this? I would feel self conscious about that. But listening to her  music, which is describing events, I realized that is a really nice way about going about writing. It makes me feel good.

Such a good point. You hear songs that are honest and don’t doubt it, but perhaps as a writer you would wonder – does anyone question this? Is it deep enough?

Yeah totally. I also really love the tones she uses. The guitar she uses is sick. The personal vibe of her music I really connected with it make me feel stronger to share my personal stories.

Favorite song on her album?

Dark art. (I love) the simplicity of it. The way she pauses between lines. It feels like they put a mic in the room with her and she plays a song.

You haven’t seen her play live yet?

No I haven’t

You haven’t seen her play live, and the first time you do you are playing 2 support slots for her!

I’m playing in Bells Rapid (aswell). I caught up with Stella (Donnelly) and she showed me the parts. I’m kind of nervous. I’m more comfortable with my own music, but playing music that isn’t mine and I’ve kind of just learnt for the gig and playing it in front of my music idols…it’s gonna be scary!

Do you have any pre-show rituals to help you before the show?

I like putting on eye-liner before I play. If I don’t have it on I feel weird. I kind of want it to look a bit imperfect. I like picking clothes. I like putting all my gear in my car and triple checking it. if I know I have everything then I feel calm.

You can catch Carla on stage with her band, and playing with Bells Rapids in support of Jen Cloher at Rosemount Hotel on Friday March 16.

And of course, don’t miss the launch of her single Greg’s Discount Chemist at the Bird on Saturday March 17 with very special guests Jack Davies & The Bush Chooks and Isla Imogen.­­­

Andrew Ryan