Revelation 2017 Launch & Revelation Sneak Peek: Dave Made A Maze @ Luna Leederville- 10/6

The Revelation Film Festival, for its 20th anniversary of its existence and has revealed (sorry) their largest ever program at the Luna Leederville on a fine Saturday morning, with the help of some of the city’s film-loving buffs (me including), who chipped some of their hard-earned fistful of dollars (and other currencies).

Some of the movies to watch for- Watch The Sunset- a locally made (if Victoria can be counted as local) thriller that focuses on the story of an ex-bikie trying to mend his ways after a life of crime, only for his past to catch up to him in one brutal day. For those looking for something more grim- The Girl With All The Gifts will give you just that- in which a group of survivors must trust an intelligent flesh-eating half-zombie, in a world infested with, whilst for something more uplifting- Patti Cake$ takes it- a story about a white working class woman who finds a talent in hip hop as a way to escape her bleak existence of meeting the rent and keeping the family home from being foreclosed. Another one to look out is Free Fire- a film that is firmly camp and action-packed in which two gangs engage in battle after a deal goes extremely badly.

In addition, the festival will feature several films from outside the anglosphere, including Farewell Analog (think Salaam Cinema except as a stand-alone story) and Brick And The Mirror representing Iran, whose filmmakers continue to produce thought provoking cinema whilst being at odds with their authorities

But the real (reel?) highlight of the program is the documentaries.

If music documentaries strike a chord within you- then you’re just in luck- with offerings such as Descent Into The Maelstrom (dibs for band name), which chronicles the adventures of Radio Birdman, a very ancient rock band. Like something that will warm your heart on a cold, cold night- Baxter and Me is for the dog lovers out there. For something more cerebral, perhaps you like to ponder the implications of man’s ability for destruction in The Bomb?

The Revelation programme officially opens on the 6th of July with the documentary Becoming Bond, which tells the story of George Lazenby- the only Australian ever to portray the famous spy James Bond on the silver screen. The well-known and well-travelled Travis Johnson will be hosting a Q&A session with the man himself on the 8th and 9th of July.

The festival itself ends on the 19th of July- so cinephiles, get your tickets!

Director: Bill Watterson

Starring: Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Nick Thune, Adam Busch


The people invited for the launch were treated to Dave Made A Maze, a very indie film from budget to aesthetic, and the by-word for a cool idea executed well.

Dave Made A Maze, is exactly what it says on the tin- the eponymous protagonist Dave (Nick Thune) is a 30 something slacker artist who has never finished anything he started, until he decides one day build a labyrinth, which he contrives to get trapped inside. Dave’s girlfriend Anna (Meera Robit Kumbhani) comes home to see the cardboard maze encompassing the entire living room, and gathers a rescue team involving Dave’s equally slacker best friend Gordon (Adam Busch), and filmmaker ‘buddy’ Lenard, who brings an entire film crew, with the intent on making a documentary out of Dave’s predicament.

A re-telling of a certain Greek myth, infused with the smorgasbord of 80’s movie references (including none other than The Labyrinth), Dave Made A Maze is a whole lot of fun from start to finish, regardless of age, and the video-game like nature of the plot is reasonably paced well. For those who’ve worked on a film set, the gags involving the film crew will provoke some laughs. Despite the quirky nature of the material, it isn’t entirely shallow either, with the adventure being more of a backdrop to exploring about relationships and self-actuation in a way Millennials would picture it.

The visual design of the film is its main draw, invoking that almost child-like aesthetic that is very colourful. There are a small number of scenes where it is entirely animated in felt and cardboard.

Dave Made A Maze is a fun little flick that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Screenings For Dave Made A Maze are on 14th and 19th July.

Clayton Lin