Fringe-views: Sophie Joske: Household Name

A Sophie Joske comedy show is not your usual stand-up show.

Sophie Joske is a relatively new name on the scene, and yet, a relative veteran of the Fringe World circuit, having previously produced her breakout show How To Become A Functional Adult In 45 minutes, which was honestly laugh out loud funny, and very relatable to its audience.

Playing out to a packed audience, albeit, in all honesty, a small room converted out of a TAFE classroom.

The show’s basic premise is about Sophie Joske lampooning the typical mainstream comedians, and her desire to be a typical mainstream comedian (rich enough to not have to worry about living expenses), and on this note, it makes some hits, and yet makes some misses- I didn’t feel like there was enough of that part (or at the very least, in a way reasonably communicable to the audience), but it’s more than made up for it with the raucous, typical Sophie moments.

The jokes were rip-roaring good, delivered with the typical self-deprecation and self-awareness that is the trademark of Sophie Joske’s oeuvre, and then it falls slightly when she plays the ‘typical stand-up comedian’ aspect, which is more likely than not deliberate. Adam Peter Scott, the show’s director, also makes an appearance, being a part of the performance as much as he is the actual director, and the stereotypical show director that he lampoons on stage. From there on everything devolves into chaos, with shouts, curses and tantrums being thrown on stage.

The rather small stage, and the fact that its a TAFE room, did however detract a little bit from the atmosphere, and the staging very much looked like an average stand-up show, which again, may be a deliberate comedic choice.

Sophie Joske: Household Name is fun, and not meant to be taken seriously, and you have trouble trying to choose a Fringe show, at least with this one, you’re going to guarantee (some of your) money’s worth. It’s not as good, and as well presented as her previous show, which if you did miss it, was definitely shame on your part.

Sophie Joske: Household Name runs until 6th of February.

*I’m not the best when it comes to analyzing and critiquing stand-up comedy. Comedy’s not my best (spread of) jam.

Clayton Lin