Cardboard Crack: Magic: The Gathering: Aether Revolt: The Limited Experience

So I decided to be greedy and bought two pre-release packs.

And it doesn’t pay off.

My first pool of the day started with me opening relatively shit cards from my 6 booster packs, 4 of which are of the new set, with a foil promo card, that was of course outside the two best colours that was in my pool. I initially tried three, but the likelihood of hitting Having to build around a Blue and White flying list is always a crap feeling, especially when the win condition- an Aethersquall Ancient (which I have a habit of somehow pulling), a big giant flyer but, are on the blue side, and are really slow. So I started out game 1 against a Black-White shell which I won relatively easily, albeit with a lot of luck on my end.

Then I moved into the second game and got slaughtered in less than 5 minutes, because my opponent has a Solemn Recruit that just ticks up and up (Revolt triggers are revolting) and nothing but drawing lands and other irrelevant cards in the face of a double strike beater that gets stronger and stronger. I scoop, then sat down, decide to look at the rest of my pool, particularly the Red cards in my pool, with a new strategy of going for a fast kill using cheap low-cost cards like Frontline Rebel, and my foil promo Kari Zev, Skyship Raider (which swings in combat with a pet monkey), and just simply playing a linear, straight forward battle. This strategy paid off in the 3rd round where I was able to rush down an opponent on a Blue-Red deck built around artifacts to rush out Maverick Thopterists, (it generates 3 bodies in the form of itself and two tokens, and has the Improvise keyword) and win by the barest of margins. And then I lost the fourth round to a Black-White deck because the other guy simply had Heart of Kiran, the most valuable (in monetary terms) card of the set (outside of the Masterpieces itself), and had better creatures than I had in my entire pack (my opponent’s pulls were just incredible), so it wasn’t an entirely fair fight.

Not satisfied with a mere 2-2 record, I decided to go for another one. A decision that I sort of regret.

Moving into the 2nd box, and opening my packs, and opened two mythics, both relatively rubbish, whilst everyone else once again pulls everything that I want (note that this was completely the other way round when I did Kaladesh pre-release, where I pulled good stuff all day). Once again not only was I in blue, the cardboard gods seem fit to give me another Aethersquall Ancient, so I built a Green-Blue deck, with a mix of quality creatures, and some spells that bounced cards back into the opponent’s hand, at the expense of speed. I lost the first two games, first one to play mistake and a second one due to also a play mistake. So once again, I said to myself, that I’d cut all the blue in exchange for the rather functional if mediocre red cards that I had in my pool, and went with that. That didn’t help me in the third game, against a Blue-White deck that had Exquisite Archangel (where if they would lose the game, they would get their life totals reset) as a win condition which turned up in both games- and my opponent had only been playing the game for one week (based on the quality of his play, and remembering triggers or lack thereof).

I managed to win at least one game, at the very last round, so 1-3.

At the end of the day, it’s simply variance, and I fell on the bad end of it.

(Pictured: First draft of my pool. Note also the wrong playmat for the wrong game)

Andrew Ryan