Cool Perth Nights weekly mailout features all the coolest happenings around Perth Western Australia. The content is compiled by a team of people that are lovers of what goes on with the emerging and established trends in W.A. live music, theatre, indie film screenings and art exhibitions. In addition to this Perth gig guide there’s always an adorable & true story from Amber Fresh, a review penned by writer Lyndon Blue & our theatre arts column with Christopher Isaacs. Also in the team are Mihaila Lukic, Kate Chiplinsky & Shannon Fox who edit the mailout and keep a keen critical eye on new exciting shows coming up that deserve attention.

The mailout has been compiled, edited and sent off to you the people(!) for over 8 years now. While every man and his dog are now sending off mailouts, due in part to static media sites not experiencing the traffic they were expected to, Cool Perth Nights enjoys the fact that we were here doing this first in Perth. We know how to deliver, in both quality and logistics. We always announce events with enthusiastic language, we regularly include links to ticketing and popular social networking sites and last but not least we are compelled to represent our fun (and silly!) sense of humour in each and every weekly issue.

Cool Perth Nights amongst other services functions as a venue programmer. CPN venue programming features in our mailout alongside shows run by other industrious programmers, promoters and curators. This is no accident – in fact it’s part of our business plan! We at Cool Perth Nights know that you kids out there are too savvy to just watch one man push his own wheelbarrow all the way to the bank. Let us tease this out further.. after conducting the necessary research we know that you want to see and hear about cool events that are presented to you as a result of intense surveying and honest quality assessment on the part of the editors and contributers – rather than commercial interest deciding editorial content!

Event holders check the staff page of this website and fwd Mihaila & Kate your event details!

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